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We understand, as a result of the Government’s announcement on the 31st October 2020 regarding the new lock down due to commence on the 5th November 2020, that there are going to be a number of patients concerned about the situation, especially those in very vulnerable risk groups and also those with children attending educational settings.


The current government advice about high risk groups is available here:


Further publication from the Government is due on Monday 2nd November 2020, and the Government will be writing directly to affected patients in due course.


The current guidance for protecting extremely clinically vulnerable groups is available here.

The GPs at the surgery have no additional information above and beyond this and are unable to help with requests for sick notes or other letters in such circumstances.

For people concerned about children attending educational settings; we understand and sympathise with the concerns around children attending school at this time, especially if a household has extremely vulnerable members.  

As a practice we are very sorry, but decisions about children attending school are not ours to make. It is not something that we can help with.  We would suggest a discussion between the people involved and the school to decide on the best course of action.

Updated 01/11/2020