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Short Term Illness

If you are unwell and can not work for a period lasting seven days or less you do not need a doctor’s sickness certificate.

Your employer may request that you complete a self-certification form (SC2)

This is available from your employer, or by following this link to the HM Revenue and Customs website


Long Term Illness

If you are unwell and unable to work for period greater than seven days then your employer can ask for evidence of your illness in order to assess whether you should receive statutory sick pay (SSP)

A doctor’s certificate of illness is now called a “Statement of Fitness to Work”

The new Statement of Fitness to Work certificate was introduced in April 2010 and aims to enable you to return to work sooner following a period of illness. It enables the doctor to provide your employer with more information relating to your illness and recovery.

For more information please follow this link to the DirectGov website



Do not book an urgent appointment with your doctor specifically in order to obtain a Statement of Fitness to Work as these appointments are intended for people who are acutely unwell and need to be seen the same day.


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